sweet summertime and moments not missed

late morning time snuggles 6.2.14

"A whole life can be lost 
in minutes wasted, 
small moments missed."

There's a lot being said in the media regarding our generation's obsession with documenting life moments, and to be honest - I don't pay much attention to any of it.  

The truth is: photographers at heart have been doing this for decades.  We live to capture the moment, to find beauty and meaning in the ordinary and for some of us, it happens when we view life through our lenses.  It falls on us afresh when we look back at the image we've captured.  

There is something magical and mysterious about capturing a moment and holding it close, as if to warp and bend time into a pause. 

In this fast and fleeting life, I'm learning to slow down.  It's happening in bits and pieces, layers along the way. 

Leaving my job behind is proving to be somewhat of a paradox when it comes to time.  I know it will all shift and settle as more time goes by, but I can't help but think of the moments missed over the years and at the same time, revel in these new moments created; these moments that would've been missed that are now the moments I'm living in… 

The moments not missed. 

The moments I treasure far more now than I might have ever otherwise.  You know, had the course of my life ran more smoothly, these are the moments I might have taken for granted.  This life is one I might have taken for granted.  

And I'm learning that it's true what they say: that those hard times make the good times sweeter.  Those fiery flames of adversity, they really are a refining fire.  

Truly, there is such a thing as beauty from ashes.  

I've lived it and I'm living it still and I'm reminded of it daily.  I learned so much the hard way and these days, I'm constantly learning that I still have so much to learn… 

It's late-morning as I'm writing this.  That moment of late morning snuggles has passed.  That kid is playing quietly in the living room and truth be told, I haven't even seen the other one yet.  She's still sound asleep in her room. The only sounds are the faint hum of a lawn mower in the distance and the incessant ticking, not of a clock, but of these Dollar Tree hula girls the kids placed on the window sill; shaking in perfect unison.   

I take them all in.  These sights and sounds.  

And I'm thankful for these quiet moments at home.  

I'm learning to be thankful for even the missed moments, the broken places along the path that led to home; this place where my heart has always been - always longed to be. 

I'm thankful for this sweet summertime;   

and these moments not missed.  

"Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus." - 1 Thess 5:16-18


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