In the Middle of Restoration

Several of my friends welcomed their second babies this week and my newsfeed was flooding with images like the one above, reminding me of this day – the day we became a family of four.
Chloe, just twenty-two months old at the time, marched right into the hospital room with her Nana, clad in her “big sister” shirt and matching bright, polka dotted bow, with her purse on her shoulder and said, “Hi Mommy!  Hi Daddy!  Ooooh, hii Baby Paka!” 
She crawled up onto the bed and laid her eyes on her little brother, forever changing the dynamic of our family – and our hearts.  In those moments she transformed from the baby in our family to the big sister… and a second mama of sorts.
Kids are like that, you know – so astoundingly adaptable.  She immediately embraced her God-given role, even as I was still struggling to grasp hold of my own...
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