love waiting... and writing.

"We buy into the belief that true love with another human being is what will make us whole,
that we need someone to write the ending to our story so we can live "happily ever after." S
isters, can I encourage you today by telling you: He already has. "
- Nadia Wilder

It has always been my belief - and my prayer - that if the Lord desired to use my writing, He would do so without much maneuvering on my behalf.  In recent months, He has opened doors for me to write weekly for a collaborative blog and online community, Middle Places and also as a freelance writer for

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from my editor at iBelieve that one of my articles was going to be featured on the home page - on Valentine's Day.
It was such a beautiful gift to have Him use the gift in which He's given me in such a way - and on such a day. 

After all, His love is the reason that I write.  It is my overflow.

Every now and then, I read about blogging and branding, presentation and content, the social media marketing of self published blogs, and frankly - it makes my head spin.  It still feels a little too much like self-glorification and not God-glorification and maybe all that means is that I'm just not ready for more than what He's given me for this moment.  As with so many other areas of my life, I find myself in a season of preparation.  And I am okay with that.  

This year, my Valentine's date was my 7 year old son.  We went to the discount theater to see Rise of the Guardians.  A central character in the movie is the mythical "Jack Frost", who is struggling to find what was referred to as his "center", his niche, if you will.  The central theme of what he added to the lives of others... and I could relate, because the truth is I'm still finding my way along this path, and perhaps - finding my niche.  At writing.  At life.  At everything.

And so, I continue to write, not based on a niche and without much thought to personal branding, but just to the rhythm of His heart as I continue to learn the wonder of what it means to seek His heart daily and rest in His love and trust in His sovereignty.  He doesn't need my words, but I surrender them to Him to use as He sees fit...

It was a much-needed reminder that His love is the only love I need.  During this season of my life, His love is the only love I want.  And the words I wrote ring true:  rest in His love.

Valentine's Day and every day. 
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