All things new


It's a rather beautiful that just a few days after we celebrate His birth, the Lord gives us the gift of a new year, new beginnings and the reminder that there is coming a day when He will make all things new. 

"And he who was seated on the throne said, 
“Behold, I am making all things new.” 
Also he said, 
“Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.” 
Revelation 21:5

All throughout scripture, we see God telling his people, "write this down".  The pages of my journals and of this blog were written by such a similar prompting of His spirit.  My own personal record of His faithfulness to me, even in the midst of my often faithless days.  In those moments of darkness and of doubt, I am reminded both through His word and the words He has given me to write that, in all things, He is "trustworthy and true" and truly, He is making all things new. 

I love the gift He has given us in new year.  A clean slate.  A new beginning.  Could it be, that in His infinite wisdom, He knew that we would need to embrace such a thing not just every year, but every single day?  In the beauty of His perfect design, He set the world in motion, so that we would have the gift of welcoming the rising sun even after the darkest of nights.  I love watching a sunrise for this very reason.  In a matter of moments, light breaks through the darkness and illuminates the sky, rising with His mercies that are new every morning (Lamentations 3:22).  All the while reminding us that He, too, has risen from the darkest of moments, from death itself.  

This New Year's morning, there wasn't a beautiful sunrise, but gray skies and the sound of rain falling.  But it, too, is equally as beautiful.  The rain is pouring down with those morning mercies, its rhythm a reminder that He is preparing the ground - and our hearts - for what is to come: the beauty of Spring, when He will make all things new.  

He is making all things new. 

For many of us, this moment becomes a day filled with lists and goals and things that are wrong that need to be made right.  But at the same time, He offers us a gift greater than anything we could resolve with our human hearts, it is the gift of a new heart (Ezekiel 36:26) so that we may fully enjoy His gifts, and all things new.

This New Year's, embrace the gift He came to give and, in the words of Christine Caine"As we move into 2013, why not decide to focus much more on what is right with Jesus than what is wrong with you! You become what you behold!"

This year, I have but one goal.  One resolution.  Behold Jesus... and all things new.  


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