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The Mooyah Burger
it isn't often that i'd blog a restaurant review.  and by often, i mean ever.  but my coworker keely and i have become somewhat of partners in lunchtime connoisseuring (a word that i totally just made up) and today, between mouthfuls of the burger you see above and the crunchy, delicious sweet potato fries (sadly, not pictured) we raved about what we were experiencing.  "The flavor!"... "The crunchiness" ...  "The texture!"...  
"If Johnny Rockets and Mugshots had a baby, this would be it."  ~ Keely
we should totally write that down.  no wait, we should totally write a food blog of our ridiculous lunchtime ravings.  the only problem with that is that we would likely run out of material about three blogs in, since we are creatures of habit and on the occasions where we eat lunch outside of the office, we don't often want to chance our time and money on a new place. 
in fact, it would've probably been a long time before we ventured into Mooyah, if not for their connection with local ministry.  i don't know all of the back story, but i do know that it is family-owned and operated franchise.  this location is the first one in Birmingham.  someone that knows the owners is affiliated with the Lovelady Center, a local ministry that is very close to my heart.  during the planning phases, the owners of this Mooya recruited employees from Lovelady and hired twelve of the lovely ladies.  i was invited by one of them personally and so excited to attend the "grand opening".   
here's the run down:
atmosphere:  located in the former Schaffer Eye Center, the dining area is spacious and open, with high celings, booths and tables, and brightly colored fixtures.  One of the walls is a chalkboard wall for kids to draw on (which my kids will love). 
ordering:  you receive a little order sheet when you get in line - which gives you the run down of the shakes, burgers and fries.  simply check off your options and hand over to the cashier.  love the simplicity of this process.  we opted for the "Mooyah" style which includes the secret Mooyah sauce (kinda like thousand island dressing), lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and grilled onions - we added on some grilled mushrooms with a side of sweet potato fries. 
food:  the picture of the burger really speaks for itself.  it's every bit as tasty as it looks, the flavor and texture of the burger is delicious and the toppings only serve to enhance it.  the sweet potato fries are crunchy and delicious, seasoned and cooked to perfection and the regular fries are much like the famous Boardwalk fries, equally as crunchy and delicious.  not a single soft or soggy fry in the bunch. 
we didn't have the chance to taste test the shake this time around, but as we argued over who was going to get to lick the burger wrapper, it was decided we'd have to come back for that. 
seriously.  LOVE this place.  love the atmosphere.  love the food.  love their heart for local ministry and their willingness to give second chances to the ones who need it the most. 

Now, go get yourself a MOOYAH burger!  :)
3439 Colonnade Pkwy
Suite 1000
Nadia & Keely 


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