design of delight

"The thief comes only to
steal and kill and destroy;
I have come that they may have life,
and have it to the full."
John 10:10 NIV

Christmas is different this year. all of my life, i have known - or rather, thought i knew - the true meaning of Christmas. in Christmases past, it has been a time to celebrate His birth, but this year - it has become a time to celebrate not simply that He came, but why He came.

growing up, i knew that Jesus had come to earth to "die for my sins" so that i might have "eternal life". but why, oh why, do we stop there? there is more. so much more. He came to set me free from the captivity of sin - the captivity of myself; He came to destroy the enemy, the father of lies, who had come to steal, kill and destroy; He came to serve me in my helplessness - my hoplessness; He came to bring me life, but not just eternally, abundantly.

Those who are really "His own" listen to His voice. They recognize that He has been sent from God, and are ready to follow Him as the good Shepherd, who by His sacrificial love rescues His flock from evil and death, and leads them into the best of all pasturage where they can enjoy a richer and a fuller life (9,10). He does not offer them an extension of physical life nor an increase of material possessions, but the possibility, nay the certainty, of a life lived at a higher level in obedience to God's will and reflecting His glory. ~ Barclay's Notes

i'm certain that throughout all my years spent warming a church pew, i heard those words. but this year, i have experienced them through Him.

He has given a life and a love like i have never known and with a heart full of awe and wonder at the design of His redemptive plan, i celebrate His life, the design of delign - the gift of new life.
Merry Christmas!


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