promised land and puddles.

"I came so that [you] would have life,
and have it more abundantly."~ Jesus
John 10:10

i've lived most of my life in a puddle. or jumping to and from various puddles, rather. finding refuge in shallow, murky water. i had never considered the scriptural context of the promised land applied as a spiritual context to my own life... until recently.

"As I was walking my dogs the other day, I passed three ducks sitting in a puddle. Just over the hill, there is a beautiful pond, but the ducks were content wallowing in that dirty puddle. Some of us are sitting in spiritual puddles when God intends for us to reside in something far more beautiful." ~ Beth Moore

Our earthly promised land, according to Beth Moore, is the place in our lives, along our narrow path, when our theology merges with our reality. david crowder calls this a beautiful collision: when our depravity meets his divinity.

just as the Israelites spent forty years wandering in the wilderness before they entered the promised land. i, too, wandered in the wilderness for decades. the unbelief in my own life mirrored theirs. and their deliverance mirrored my own: it was not by the work of their own hands or concepts of their own ideologies that ultimately set them free. it was a deliverance that only God could have ordained and brought to fruition. and the same was true in me.

did i become perfect? no. will i ever? no. did the struggles in my life mysteriously disappear? no. will they ever? no.

what did change was the desire of my heart: from the things of this world to Him; from willful sin and disobedience to a longing to walk in the truth of His word; from despair to hope; from apathy to pure joy, joy that is not dependent on the circumstances in my life, but found only in Him.

"He lifted me from the slimy pit and set my feet upon the rock" (psalm 40), and the landscape around me was, in that moment, forever changed: from a puddle to a pond; from wilderness to promised land; and from depravity to divinity.

at last, i was free. at last, all that i believed in my heart became a reality in my life. by His grace, i am living in the promised land.


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