what we need...

I have some blogs in my proverbial hopper, some of which will detail the way that God has changed my heart over the course of the last few months, moving me from a life of total selfishness to one of total surrender. his pursuit of my heart began long before i knew Him and continued through the years that i thought i knew Him.

i am convinced that there are many, like me, that have fallen prey to the deception of our modern-day, contemporary christianity, having beleived that their salvation and Christianity was derived from having walked an aisle, prayed a prayer, joined a church or having lived life "trying" to be a good person. Jesus said none of those things.

The message below just might change your view of Christianity and your life...

Lifeblood video: LIFEBLOOD4_VID"LifeBlood Series - April, 2008: What is the Gospel? Answering this one question is indispensible to knowing what it means to be a follower of Christ. The Gospel has ramifications for each of our lives for all eternity, yet many professing Christians have less and less of a grasp on what the Gospel really is. Based on the words of Christ, could it be possible that scores of people involved in church are not actually followers of Christ? How do we know when we have truly trusted in the Gospel for salvation, and how do we avoid deceiving ourselves when it comes to life’s most important question? Find the answers in this all-important series on the lifeblood of Christianity."


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