so much to blog. so little time. i have several blogs in my drafts and yet, drift off to sleep before i can manage to bring one to fruition.

it is the unfortunate irony of earning a degree in what i love and yet, sacrificing what i love at the same time.

that said, i'm including my most recent assingment that i composed for my creative writing course.... forced to compose, i should say. i retired from the craft of poetry once i grew out of my teens and out of self-pity of unrequited love. i am not a poet and quite frankly, i don't aspire to be.

viewing the world through in a different light (the light of Christ) changes one's perception of everything. my goal, in terms of college assignments, is for my written words to cast that light - or at the very least, allusions of such.

the instructions were to compose a poem of twenty lines or more. the subject had to be a fire on a winter night. the poem could not rhyme, could not contain singular pronouns and had to include key words such as: ash, shadow, tip, sweep, brass, iron and sorrow.

yea. i did what i could. for your reading enjoyment:

eulogy by nadia wilder

autumn’s leaves lie buried
blanketed by ice and sorrow
once soft slivers of green blades
withered with the blooms of summer
spring is long forgotten
autumn’s splendor, irretrievable

a dark gray cloud of bitterness lingers
coating the sky in cast iron and slate
the landscape is colorless
an inanimate shadow, paralyzed

a dancing flame brings light to darkness
a lone orange glow
long wistful streaks of white twirl around
every tip of every flame
long golden arms of brass
bending outward, reaching upward

cold winds sweep the scent of smoke and ash
spreading the scent of warmth across the landscape
and with it, a sense of hope
the promise of new life.


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