a few years back, shortly after chris and i had separated, i met a guy named traylor through my friend julie. she wanted me to meet him because he was [and is] a solid christian who had been through a divorce and at that point, i just needed to meet anyone who had lived through it and seemingly come out on the other side in one, still faithful, piece.

at that point, he had been divorced almost four years, shared custody of his four children with his ex-wife and shared with me that he still had some hope that they would reconcile someday. really? i thought... and said out loud. really? his wasn't the kind of hope spoken from desperation or some other unresolved issue. it was a quiet hope. an optimistic hope. i knew it was not some unfounded hope that stemmed from unresolved longing, but i could sense that it was hope in the Lord that stemmed from his faith. he was clearly not a man stuck in the past or unable to let go, but had somehow learned how to balance singledom and faith and hope for the future all while remaining hopeful that God would someday restore what was once irretrievably broken.

a couple of years passed by and our mutual friend julie mentioned in an email that he had remarried. good for him, i thought. i was happy for him. geniunely. and wondered how and when God had led him away from the hope of reconciliation and into a new life with someone else. when and if i see him again, i thought, this is what i would ask...

last week, i was walking out the door with the kids at don pepe and we ran right into traylor. "hey, i heard you remarried", i said. "yes, i remarried my ex-wife, melody", he said.... "after six years of divorce".

i had no idea.
eleven years of marriage. four children. six years of divorce. and then, reconcilation. i could not stop the chills on my skin, the tears in my eyes or the joy in my heart for them.

click here to read the transcript from their marriage:

"Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again; from the depths of the earth you will again bring me up." Psalm 71:20


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