drum roll: boot camp results!

sandestin 06.20.09
week 3 of boot camp

success is subjective: i don't feel the least bit suicidal when looking a photograph of myself in a bikini. that is the measure of [my] success. granted, i was slightly reluctant to post it for all to see, but then again - this is me. i never had unrealistic expectations of perfection, i simply longed for the day when i would feel comfortable. i longed for the day that the reflection in the mirror or in a photograph would at least resemble the person i was on the inside. and so, this is me. . . inside and out.

boot camp was an awesome experience. it helped me push myself in ways i wouldn't have otherwise, moving me out of the confines of my spa-like gym and into a field at 5:30 in the mornings. no fancy equipment - just orange cones, a set of weights, a mat and fifteen other dedicated people... and one awesome trainer [who we affectionately refer to as the Jillian of Birmingham]. if anyone asks about it, i respond by asking, "have you seen the biggest loser?"... yea. it's just like that. lots of sweat. tears. vomit. it's pushing yourself - physically, mentally, emotionally - in a way you could never achieve on your own - and the results that campers obtain are incredible.

as of this morning, nine of the women in my camp had measurements taken and the collective total from those nine girls was over NINETY FOUR inches lost - nine of which i'm happy to report were my own my month-end results were: I dropped my body fat percentage by 3.1% to 26% and lost a total of NINE inches: 3 inches off my hips, 2 inches off my waist, 1 inch off each arm and 1 inch off each leg.

i was over 200 pounds, a size eighteen and 41% body fat when i started this journey three and a half years ago. i was carrying over eighty pounds of fat on my body. it took me the better part of two years to learn that the scale would eventually no longer be a measure of success. as a lifelong weight watcher, that was the hardest habit to break. for a long time, i would try to look back and remind myself of how far i've come and somewhere along the way, my focus shifted to how far i wanted to go.

results aside, it was just incredibly rewarding to complete something so grueling as a boot camp ... the physical and mental strength you build over the course of a single month is worth the effort alone. so much so that i talked my bff/workout pal, Stacs, into signing up for July and together, we're going back for more... stay tuned!

for more info. on boot camp, check out http://www.extremefittraining.com/.


  1. Incredible! You look amazing and as I've told you many times you are an inspiration to me...especially since I'm starting where you did 3 years ago! Keep it up and I can't wait to see July's results from bootcamp!!! Congrats -- you deserve it!


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