redefining divorce... and other things.

our family. sandestin. 05.09.09

yesterday was my anniversary. or rather, it would have been my anniversary. you know, had that whole marriage thing panned out the way it was supposed to. i had a brief pity party at my house complete with a mini-dance party in the living room with chloe, parker and two of my best girlfriends. which only made me realize all the more how very little pity there is to be had for my life these days.

rather than be defined by divorce, we have redefined the stereotype and we did so long before anyone could label us otherwise. ours isn't the most conventional of divorces, it is certainly one of the most amicable - as evidenced by the smiles on our children's faces in this photo from last weekend at the beach. and ours too. i am not so naive as to believe we will evolve into bruce and demi and continue to vacation at the same time forever. but for now, we have made the very best of something that few people choose to make the best of. as we were splashing in the waves, chloe said, "my whooole family is at the beeeaach". and i know that she knows what we have worked so hard to instill in their hearts, which is that we will always be a family tied together by our love for them - even if we don't look or live like other families. shared love for your children is what makes you family and is what keeps you a family.


  1. Your situation sounds EXACTLY like mine. I really like your comment about redefining the stereotype of divorce and not looking or living like other families. The last line says it all: Shared love for your children is what makes you family and what keeps you a family.

    Great writing.

  2. Well said, Nod! Well Said!


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