just a little bit caught in the middle...

one of my favorite pics from my most recent vaca.
sandestin 05.10.09

yea. it's been a while. i know. i can't keep up. even with myself. much less a blog. i've been in three states in three weekends. my neighbor called me yesterday to see if i was still alive because he hasn't seen me in weeks. i told him i'd been out of town. a lot. "business?", he asked. [clearly this man does not know me]. "no," i laughed, "whats that?".

i grazed my neck with my curling iron yesterday and consequently have a giant mark that resembles... no, make that looks just like... a ginormous hickey on the right side of my neck that is absolutely, utterly UN-concealable. i'm not sure which is worse from a perceptive point of view: being 32 years old and completely unable to style my hair without injuring myself or being 32 and brazenly walking around with a ginormous hickey on my neck. i'm seriously considering opting for the hickey excuse, at least then i could live up to all of the unrealistic expectations and create the facade that i'm getting some of the single life action when really nothing - and i do mean nothing - but the opposite is true.

someone asked me today [and i quote]: "aren't you just having so much fun?". with life? yes. most of the time. singledom? not so much. i need a shirt that says "i have no idea what i'm doing"... as if my facial expression isn't evidence enough.... or the burn mark/hickey on my neck.


  1. When you get that t-shirt printed up, please send one my way.



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