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i'm always reminded of one of my friends referring to a Christian-themed movie as a "God movie". she meant it in a much more blase manner than i'm comfortable with, but still, i laugh when i think of it and i think of it every time i type anything about my Christian walk, thinking of them as little "God blogs".

and so i keep waiting for an inquiry about why i haven't blogged about God lately. there isn't a reason as to why or why not. life is full of ebb and flow of people, places and relationships. i wish that my relationship with Christ we're different and by different, i mean more solid and consistent, but it ebbs and flows like everything else - on my side of the relationship, anyway - never on His.

i've blogged often about how He continues to prove His faithfulness to me, always holding up His proverbial end of the deal, even when i'm on the ebb. i'm so reminded of this by the way He speaks through these lyrics directly to my heart:

Why are you striving these days
Why are you trying to earn grace
Why are you crying
Let me lift up your face
Just don't turn away

Why are you looking for love
Why are you still searching
as if I'm not enough
To where will you go child
Tell me where will you run
To where will you run

And I'll be by your side, Wherever you fall
In the dead of night, Whenever you call
And please don't fight
These hands that are holding you
My hands are holding you

Look at these hands and my side
They swallowed the grave on that night
When I drank the world's sin
So I could carry you in
And give you life,I want to give you life

I love you
I want you to know
That I, I love you
I'll never let you go.

"By Your Side" - Tenth Avenue North


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