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today's lunch*

i have a confession to make. i bought the newest O magazine. i couldn't help it. the formerly skinny oprah is on the cover standing next to the once again [feigning gasps] fat oprah with the caption that says [and i'm paraphrasing] "how did i let this happen?". i was instantly reminded of that biblical proverb. you know, the one about pride coming before destruction; a haughty spirit before a fall. that one.

in the article oprah talks admittedly and openly about how cocky she had become regarding her fitness routine and successful maintenance of weight loss. she says that she believed, really believed, that she had once-and-for-all conquered her own personal battle of the bulge.

oprah - at fifty years old and as one of the richest women on the face of the planet - with access to all of the personal chefs and trainers and cosmetic enhancements one could ever desire - still hadn't learned the most important lesson of them all: the battle with weight is never won. for those of us who have experienced a struggle with food, and consequently, our weight, there is no proverbial finish line. it is a battle that must be fought, moment by moment, day by day. some days its a small clash. other days it's an all-out war.

there are so many parellels between my Christian walk and my walk as a weight watcher. to walk victoriously in either path requires such a supernatural dosage of fruit. not the grapes are strawberries on my plate. specifically, the 9th fruit of the Spirit: self-control.
along both paths there are inevitable obstacles and temptations; self-inflicted detours. one step off the path and before you know it, you're completely enveloped in darkness.

we all have different learning curves along the way; learning the most important lessons at different times and different places. and not that i'm any expert at either walk, but the most important lessons i've learned - and am still learning - is that falling down is inevitable. we're human. it's what we do. and i am an expert at it. i've finally learned that perfection is not an option - not in the Christian walk and not in the weight watching walk. but what we fail to see so often is that perseverence is.

the Apostle Paul wrote, "one thing i do: forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, i press on toward the goal ..." (and he knew, as we know, the goal will not be achieved in this life on this side of eternity).

*lunch: on a sidenote: these southbeach wraps are delicious for lunch! they have balanced protein/carb ratio, are high in fiber and have less than 1g of sugar. DELICIOUS! 5 pts.


  1. Ouch. You're on my toes today!

    I think you make a very astute analogy. I have the same problem making my 'quite time with God' a priority each day the same way I do with eating what I know I should.

    Actually, that picture is making me hungry...

  2. I hope it's okay that I linked to this post on my own blog. Myra sent it to me this morning as an encouragement, and I really feel like it's worth sharing.

  3. Lat,
    Words of wisdom indeed. Now on to business...what kind of SB wraps are they? And tell me about the Polar f6. I'm no gym rat. I just do a ton of walking and the occasional Pilates dvd and/or Biggest Loser dvd @ home. Is it still worth the investment? And is yours black or pink? Love ya, fellow WW'er!~

  4. South Beach has Turkey Bacon; Grilled Chicken Ceasar (my favorite); and Southwest Chicken.

    I will email you about the Polar F6, but I think a heart rate monitor is DEFINITELY worth the investment for anyone who wants to lose weight and keep it off. And mine is LIME GREEN - only because I didn't like the shade of pink in the F6. The F11 comes in HOT PINK FIZZ, but wasn't worth another $30 bucks just for that. :)


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