escalating elf magic...

upstairs hallway this morning...

the elf magic seems to be escalating as we draw closer to christmas. you know, the whole *magic* of santa isn't really the flying reindeer or how santa contorts himself to fit through chimneys. no. it's waking up and finding things that weren't there in your house the night before when you went to sleep. as if they magically materialized overnight.

my children don't follow the elf rules too rigidly yet. the elves don't sleep in their sacks. and we never sprinkle them with magic snowflakes, especially since parker got ahold of his shaker and consequently shook them out all over the house. if i had to guess, i'd say that i have already vacuumed up at least ten thousand snowflakes since this holiday season began. i like to think our elves must be truly magic to come alive even without them.

our elves are very multi-talented. at chris' house, they tend to be slightly more creative, fashioning little christmas trees out of tin foil and marshmellows. at my house, they tend to decorate with items that appear to be more, um, store bought. sometimes leaving little gifts and treats, like dvd's and candy canes.

every morning, the first thing my kids do is take off in search of what "those silly elves" have done. it's the same surprised looks on their faces that you see on christmas morning. and i think this is the magic of christmas and the magic of the elves is that they prolong it, stretching out one magical morning to many.

and i love them for that.


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