vicariously fun friday. and fotogs...

we put the 'fun' in our fun friday today. we decided to go oak mountain state park. we hadn't been in a while and it's close by [and cheap!]. we were the only visitors at the petting zoo; however, most of the animals were unimpressed and oblivious to our presence - with the exception of the ducks. i had not been to the beach area of the park in years and the kids loved it. some unfortunate child left their rubber snake half buried in the sand. said kid's misfortune became parker's fortune. literally. after a good antibacterial scrubbing, both parker and snake are tucked in the bed as i type.

one of my favorite things about my fridays with my children (or any time spent with my children for that matter) is experiencing the vicarious enthrallment of their childhood perspectives. all of the things that have become utterly ordinary to us in adulthood are met with fascination and wonder. and it is a beautiful collision.

that said, i captured a few of those moments on film (or memory card, rather):

my mom also (finally) arrived home from her european sabbatical today. i have to say, i missed the old gal terribly. the kids and i went to her house this afternoon to welcome her home (and collect our souvenirs). and speaking of souvenirs, i'm going to get get a tee shirt made up that says: "my mom traveled all over central europe and i didn't even get this tee shirt". i'm kidding. sort of. she did bring me an adorable handmade magnet from slovakia and a pair of garnet earrings. but still.

when i told chloe we were going to nanna's after nap time, she emerged from her room after naptime wearing her cinderella gown, but then decided it was too itchy and changed in to her pink princess ball gown. when i went back up to her room to check on her, she's standing at her armoire filling her purse with 'treasures'. i tell her it's time to go. "the tiara or the bow?", she asks. she's serious. "the bow. now, let's go."

two hours later: we're ordering our dinner at richey's bbq. i'm in flip flops, my mom is wearing knit capris, parker's in his usual 'uniform' of shorts, tee and crocs... and then there's princess chloe in her purple dress up heels, puffy ball gown, pink sunglasses and carrying her purse. "how precious. is she in a pageant?"... "um, no - this is just her friday afternoon kicking around attire."
oh, to be four again...
princess chloe on the way to nanna's


  1. I'm working today - Saturdays are slow. But your insights have kept me entertained, thoughtful, and relating for over two hours now. Thanks and God bless!



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