stumbling towards idiocy. in heels.

*sigh*. oh, how i wish i were making this up: i have two pair of patent slingbacks - in chocolate brown and black. i feared this day would come. i am wearing ONE OF EACH. i don't know which is worse. that i am wearing one of each or that it is 11:15 and i JUST NOTICED it.

random acts of idiocy like this one are not surprising. for example - and thanks, heather, for reminding me - like the day i lost my car in the parking lot. literally. or the day i was halfway to work and realized that i had totally forgotten to drop the kids off at school. [i didn't forget they were in the car - with my two forgetting would be a visual and audible impossibility.]

but the day i lost my car, i really did forget where i'd left it. i remember where i parked that morning, but heather and i had went out for lunch and i couldn't - for the life of me - remember where i parked when returned. this is not a large parking lot at our office. we're talking one oval shaped lot. i walked and walked, futilely searching... holding my remote up in the air as if were a beacon in the night, furiously pressing the unlock button, hoping to hear the double beep that would lead me home. nothing. the thought never crossed my mind that my car might have been stolen. no, i knew. and i also knew that i would eventually be left with no other choice but to call heather. it was my last resort.

"what's up?" she asks. "WHERE in the HELL is my car?!" - "the side aisle - first spot," she answers, very non-chalant and matter of factly - as if i called her every afternoon to find out where my car is parked. then - abrupt hysterical laughter. >click<


  1. Ha-lari-ous! I wish I coulda been there when you noticed er, found out you had two different heels on! classic, you are great Nadia, it's not you it's being a mother with all the crap we have to put up with! Nowadays, I catch myself looking in the backseat for my children, since they are in school it's like something is missing all the time.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! very freakin funny! I only dream of doing that.. I am sure now that I poke fun at you it will happen to me too!


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