state fair. revisited.

speaking of distortions - and as if the zoo weren't enough excitement for one day - we decided to go to the state fair tonight. it was a lot of fun, but i'm not going to candy coat the experience as being worth the cost of admission, ride tickets, food, extras. it's difficult as an adult to enjoy throwing away [a ridiculously obscene amount of hard earned] money for a few hours of fun interspersed with stress, mess and throngs of screaming kids. not to mention the panic that ensues when you're stuck on the top of a ferris wheel long enough to think about the fact it's parts are likely older than you are and were put together, um, yesterday. i also think my expectations for the new location were slightly unrealistic. you can take the fair out of the ghetto, but... well, you can probably imagine how that phrase ends.
strange. everything is so different... in my head. i remember feeling this way after revisiting the circus for the first time as an adult. i'd arrived with eager anticipation and left just feeling oddly sad and downright weird. same thing with the fair - only add to that an immediate need for bathing. on the bright side, the kids did have a great time. and my bff, steffi, and her boys were able to come too - thus providing more subject matter and memories for heaving laughter.


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