regression postponed.

wouldn't you know it. just when we're looking forward to a little regression into adolescence - adulthood interrupts. children's birthday parties, travel plans, work related responsibilities... you know, things that were utterly irrelevant at seventeen. all colliding together in a most inconvenient manner (and time). this is i where i have to pause and second guess the whole "you have to grow old, but don't have to grow up" philosophy. that sounds really warm and fuzzy, but i'm afraid the inevitable and unescapable truth is otherwise.

that said, i can't lament too much over all this. all it really means for me is that - come friday - i'll already be a day into the longest vacation of my adult life (ten days) in emerald isle, nc. i have all of these fantastic plans for reading, writing, photographing, blogging. you know, things are so different, in my head. one of the most difficult lessons in adulthood (that i'm still learning) is how to allow something - everything - to unfold. rather than build up unrealistic expectations and thus, set myself up for disappointment, stress and disaster.

admittedly, taking a two and four year old on such a trip is really more work than it is leisure, but still. chris isn't able to go due to work related obligations, but we're sharing a beachfront house with our good friends who moved up to lake norman last year. our girls are the same age and are looking forward to spending time together. and me, well i'm not so much worried about the labor of traveling alone with two children as much as i am my sanity. and we are all painfully aware that is spread relatively thin.


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