past distortions. present fun.

there are many places that i vividly remember from childhood as fascinating and beautiful. yet, upon revisiting some of these places as an adult, the disappointment is tragically overwhelming. like my old neighborhood, for example. and my childhood home, which i still can't bare to blog about again just yet. fortunately, our local zoo is not included on the list. in fact, it is one of the places that i remember from childhood that is remarkably even better now than it was in my distorted memory.

we are [very] frequent visitors of the zoo. and the mcwane center. and chuck e cheese. i've inadvertently spoiled my children rotten to the places that - in my childhood - were annual treats, at best - requiring a birthday, special event or field trip. we make it a point to try to see different animals on different trips so that it doesn't become mundane and i challenge myself to try to take different photographs of things i haven't already photographed while i'm chasing behind them. here are a few from today...

as we were walking to the entrance, i notice chloe is lagging behind. i turn around and she's standing still, struggling to see through her dirty heart-shaped sunglasses to push the buttons on her pink-blingy faux cell phone. "what are you doing?", i asked. "calling emma." she says.


  1. ROFL!!! Chloe is SO your child. Beautiful fotogs, btw. See you later!


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