laughter: the best medicine.

"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter."
~e.e. cummings

say what you want about life (and mine in particular) according to e.e. cummings - and the photograph above - steffi and i certainly haven't wasted any days away here lately. maybe its the fits of nostalgia ushered in by the first whiff of cool, fall air, the anticipation of seeing old friends, or the... no. wait. we're always like this. in fact, we have always been like this. it matters not that we've cycled in and out of our friendship through the decades, losing and regaining touch. any time we are together there is laughter (and a plethora of other things - some of which are not blog material) but always laughter. never feigned or insincere. its what we refer to as heaving laughter. we laugh so ridiculously, excruciatingly hard that the only sounds being made are the gasps and heaves of air flowing in and out of our lungs. we laugh at things that others wouldn't [and probably shouldn't] find an ounce of humor in. we could easily call each other - or see each other for that matter (we live five minutes apart) - but instead, we prefer texting and gtalking... and consequently, typing a lot of 'ROFL's and 'LOL's. we spend a lot of time typing out the phoenetic spelling of words, not because it's easier, but because it's funnier. to us. and words like crap become KA.RAP. and just like that, heaving. this is the beauty of friendship.

lately, i can't help but think - each time i've recovered from one of these painful sessions of hysteria - why we ever wasted so much time NOT laughing it up like this. i can remember a time, not long ago - not being able to remember the last time i laughed myself to tears - you know, one of those good tears in the eyes, beverage-out-the-nose laughs that leave you feeling oddly refreshed.

after blogging about my regressions and reversions, i received an enlightening nugget of wisdom (and i hope truth) from a [much ;)] older and hence, wiser person. he said, "kiddo, have to grow old, but you DON'T have to grow up." ((pause)) let that simmer for a moment.

what!! really? i mean, reeeally?! is this true?! and if so, why - fortheloveofblog - has no one let me in on this little secret of life until now? i mean, here i am blogging myself to death in my futile attempt to bridge the proverbial gap between my thirteen-year-old mental aptitude and my thirty-two-year-old life (and body).
"what a load off", i responded. i might need to change the title and direction of my blog in that case. :) although, i've said from the beginning that the whole 'adulthood' title is in no way an attribute to my mentality. it's simply an allegory. my geographical location - of sorts - on the timeline of life. we get tangled up sometimes in the throes of adulthood: so tangled up in seriousness of life and our facades of maturity, we forget to laugh when it's the laughing that - as Gordon Allport said - is the only appropriate sword:

"So many tangles in life [i.e. adulthood] are ultimately hopeless that we have no appropriate sword other than laughter." ~ Gordon W. Allport


  1. I laughed myself into hysterics just READING about how much we laugh together, and apart, via texting or chattin' it up on Gtalk! YOU ARE MY BFF & I LOVE YOU!!!


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