irritating variety.

the new nanos are out in an irritatingly vast array of colors. why is this irritating? because when i bought my super-cool-at-the-time 1GB nano, the only colors to choose from where black and white. the same goes for my v3 phone, my laptop, my nintendo DS. every technological gadget i own is androgynous gray, black or white and yet, every one is now also widely available in a vast array of colors - as evidenced by the display of razr's owned by the sundress mafia... all of the other girls have an irritatingly girly display of color and mine... well, you can pick it out. it's the one that looks like it belongs to a man. and yes, i'm well aware in the grand scheme of oh, say, eternity, this matters not. yet, as steffi and i love to say, "BUT STILL..."


  1. It's funny cuz it's true! I'm that way about my laptop. Plain ole gray when now they have hot pink?! It would match my cell phone, pictured here on your blog in hot pink w/ diamonds. LOL!


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