i heart fall.

foliage in ridgecrest, nc
one would think - with my relentless affinity for all things coastal - that summer would be my favorite season. it's true that i do love summer. suntan oil on my skin. sand in my toes. frozen drink in my hand. summer fun is just that, but the summer lovin ends with the first signs of fall. and fall... it has my heart.

finally. we are knocking on the proverbial door of my favorite time of year. i was so excited to see my pal amy's blog about her latest - and might i add, adorable - fall decor. i commented to her that i've been perpetually confused about when is the appropriate time to decorate for fall. i do have to give my mama props for teaching me to put away the white shoes after labor day, but when to break out my personal entourage of scarecrows has been somewhat of a mystery to me, solved only by clues from neighboring houses. thanks to amy, i no longer have to wait or ponder... i can run right out and purchase my annual haystack and assortment of mums. [amy, why does this remind me of various other trends you started (i.e. coin rings, leather bomber jackets, MIA boots, the word "purd", etc.) - isn't it nice to see your leadership qualities still shining through in adulthood? >grin<] Oh. And here's my futile attempt at the pumpkins on the candlesticks. [yes, i still need some moss grass or whatever it is...]

how do i love fall? oh let me count the ways. that first breath in of cool crisp air; the scent of foliage; the sound of leaves crunching under my feet; the taste of mama's pumpin rolls; the roar of the crowd in the stadium; halftime shows; jeans and jackets and boots and scarves; costumes and candy corn (i actually detest candy corn, but still..); pumpkins and pumpkin pie; scarecrows and happy fall ya'll sigs; hayrides; haunted houses; fall festivals; candied apples, starbucks pumpkin spice lattes (and pumpkin cream cheese muffins!), spider cookies with the kids, thanksgiving day at the cabin; carving the pumpkin... i could go on an on.

summers end, slowly fading away until it completely pales into transparency against the colorful backdrop of turning leaves. oh, summer has it's fun - but fall... fall has my heart.


  1. LAT!
    I love it! You must check my blog...me thinks you will like it. I LOVE the leather bomber jackets, coin ring, purd comment. PRICELESS! I also love that Kevin Oakes uses the words "purd" and "lav" in every email that he sends me. This post made me smile. I LOVE IT! Not LAV it!
    AGM:) and btw, your decorations look GREAT!


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