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i just received this urgent word from my favorite former teacher and current facebook bff, lloyd mehaffey:

"VHS Homecoming is October 3rd. It will be Mrs. Holcombe's last game at the ticket booth (in her now-legendary Bee outfit). She's retiring October 13th. Get there early!"

i was supposed to leave for emerald isle on the 2nd. when i read the first sentence, i thought to msyelf "oh, i'm going to have to miss it"... and then i read on and knew... i just couldn't. i'm a little caught off guard by the early homecoming date this year. what? what am i even talking about... i've been to two homecoming games in the fourteen years since i graduated and each time - from the moment my feet hit the pavement of the parking lot and began walking towards the stadium - it was literally like walking into a time warp. mr. mckissick was giving out the tickets at the ticket booth and mrs. holcombe was collecting them at the entrance. exactly as it was in 1994. oh, i just don't have the time or energy to blog on about it right now. suffice it tosay, it was if time had stood still.

for some reason, i just expected it to be at the end of october. that said, steffi and i have had to jump on the homecoming slumber party plans. i informed my mom that it was coming sooner rather than later and she agreed with two conditions: 1) the first person asleep doesn't get covered in shaving cream and; 2) we don't stay up all night giggling. um, yea right. okay. so its on (like donkey kong). i don't think we ever covered anyone in shaving cream, but thanks mom for the excellent idea.

oh, and punishment for the party poopers (i.e. no shows) has been predetermined. one of the few benefits of adulthood: a sam's club membership.... toilet paper in bulk.
happy homecoming! :)


  1. I think there should be a "reserved section" for the slumber party girls at the game!
    Nadia--I did get the things for my topiary at Hobby Lobby. I looked at Michael's but went back to HL. I do like the reindeer moss. It is soft and looks like real plants. One bag of the reindeer moss will do one of the topiaries. However, I didn't get my container there....was too cheap to pay that price. I went to Big Lot's and had planned on spray painting it black but decided I liked the terra cotta look for fall. SO SIMPLE TO DO...call me if you have questions.


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