food for thought... or comfort.

"I eat because I feel bad; and I feel bad because I eat."
F.B. - Austin Powers

oh, me too, FB. me too. i haven't eaten a pink donut with sprinkles today. not yet anyway, but i have consumed:
  • a cinnamon crunch bagel from panera bread
  • three truffle hershey kisses [which, btw, i didn't even know existed - thanks, page]
  • half of the [fantastically famous] chicken salad melt plate from the tavern - and a little more than half of the "skinny" fries that came with it
  • a slice [and a half] of pound cake - the deliciously moist kind they sell at the publix bakery

and this is just in the five (yes, five) hours of my workday. add the bowl of healthy deliciousness (i.e. froot loops) w/ 1% milk i had before i came to work and you've got a recipe for a carb induced coma.

you know that verse in james... "confess your sins to one another and pray so that you may be healed"? (JAS 5:16). um, yea. that's what this blog is. a confessional blogessional. i made a little promise late last week to myself and to the Lord that i would cease looking to any outside source or substance for comfort, company, distraction, diversion. so clearly, this is not eating derived from authentic hunger. i am an emotional eater at heart. the fat girl inside of me loves to barter, trading negative emotions for food - highly caloric food. "i'll trade you this stress for that slice of cake"... or "how about this anxiety for a big, juicy cheeseburger".

oh, all the things that people use to fill the little empty places within. i could blog on about the spiritual implications and parallels, but i digress. for now, i will just be thankful my vice is food and not drugs. cheeseburgers and not crack. chicken salad and not crystal meth.


  1. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I really do enjoy this addiction!! I wanted to tell you that I had to laugh when I read what Chloe said when Parker ran and hid. This sounded like she might have heard those words from her mother instead of Sponge! Please continue to visit me...I need some encouraging words at times. Love you!


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