adolescence revisited.

sophomore slumber party - 1992
slumber parties. (*sigh*) undoubtedly - one of the things i miss the most here in adulthood is the slumber parties from my junior high and high school days, with my junior high and high school bff's - many of whom are still a part of my life. girls, why do we not still do this? why do we have to wait and plan a trip or go on a "retreat" or to a conference to spend a night in jammies, laughing until we're crying and delving into the details of each others lives? granted, in adulthood we might need to forgo the delving for more of the laughing, but still. why is this a ritual deemed inappropriate in adulthood. if you ask me, i'd say the landscape here would be a lot more inviting (and humorous) if strewn with photographs like the one above.

some of the best memories of my high school years are the numerous slumber parties at my [parents'] house. they weren't held at my house because i was enormously popular or the most liked. no, slumber parties were one of those rare occasions where the oddities in and of my life actually worked in my favor. well... that and my parents may have very well been the only ones who would agree to tolerate a sleepless night with a house over run with eight to ten screaming teenage girls.

speaking of my parents, in hindsight - i see that this begrudging act of willingness (at least twice a year for five or six years) to be their redemption of sorts. i haven't asked, but i feel certain this was their peace offering. they owed me. after all, this was their dream i was living in. growing up on a cul de sac in leeds, i didn't spend the first ten years of my life dreaming about a nineteenth century log cabin in a forest. i will not ever forget the day we drove out to harpersville to look at what - by all appearances - seemed to be a run down, abandoned shack on the outskirts of a cotton field. i was ten. i had already caught onto the fact - like all other ten year olds - that my parents were bonified weirdos, so i didn't understand what all the excitement was about. they saw beyond the caved in roof and worn siding that covered the gaps between the logs. they saw the beauty of the original two room structure and the sturdiness of the original flooring that was still intact in the loft. they saw the potential of restoration and - as if quoting the prophet Isaiah - seemed to declare "they will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations." (Isa 61:4) perhaps, if at the age of ten i had hidden that little scriptural jewel in my heart, i would've seen the potential, too. instead, i saw... well, i couldn't see anything through my tears of mortification and horror.

within a year, they would tear down, move, rebuild and restore this cabin. now that i'm an adult myself, it's hard to fathom what a little thorn in their side i must have been through this process. when all was said and done, it was beautiful indeed. inside and out. but i wouldn't see (or appreciate) it's beauty - or the blood, sweat and tears of my parents' labor - for at least another decade.

needless to say, my room became the loft of my parents' cabin and with three (yes, three) beds and enough floor space to sleep the overflow, my room was the logical location for lodging. for years, i have talked about and thought about a reunion slumber party. every time i go home or spend any time in my old room, i think of how fun it would be to all be gathered there again and how much my mom would enjoy seeing all the girls together again. what are we waiting for? steffi and i decided that this was the year - even if it ended up just being the two of us. and it may. with homecoming coming up, what better time to get together? my mom was in europe while we were concocting the plans to relive some adolescent fun and i couldn't wait to tell her.

last friday, we (me, mom, kids) were in the car driving through the metropolis of downtown vincent and consequently past our old alma mater - which suddenly reminded me:
n: omigoodness, mom! i can't believe i haven't told you! guess what?! a few of us are going to get together and go to the homecoming game this year, maybe out for dinner afterwards and then... guess what!?"
r: what?
n: we're going to have a SLUMBER PARTY!... at your
r: OH NO YOU'RE NOT! [she screamed in what may or may not have been contrived horror - i literally don't think i even got out the 'hou' syllable - i lost her - or rather she lost it - when i said the word 'your']
(oh, but yes we are. it's already done, i'm thinking to myself).
n: what?! i thought you would be excited! so happy to have all the girls reunited, etc. etc.
r: how many girls are we talking about?
n: i dunno... four or five probably.
[nothing. just a blank stare. i'm driving so i can't tell if she's kidding or not. i'm just assuming that she is and immediately channeling the thirteen year old inside of me, i revert back to same mentality thinking to myself, 'well, she's not still saying no, so that means yes'!]
n: so, will you make us biscuits and gravy for breakfast the next day?
[still nothing].

then i do something that doesn't come naturally for me. i try to see things from her perspective. well, not really. but i do try to see a futuristic similar scenario. one can only hope [and pray] that chloe's transition into adulthood is the antithesis of my own. so, as i'm driving, i silently imagine myself - thirty years from now. chloe's in her early thirties, a mommy herself . i'm [gasp-62] but, i'm living it up and traveling the world, basking in the comfort of knowing my children are fully grown. i've just returned from one of my fabulous trips when chloe comes to visit - kids in tow - and asks me if she and her friends can have a slumber party at my house.

um, yea. so then, i decide not to say anything else about it.

saturday afternoon, she came by my house and out of the blue asked, "now when is homecoming?". i could tell she'd mulled it over and was now entertained (if not excited) about the idea. "end of october", i said. "well," she said wryly, "i might change my mind before then."

"good thing, mama, cause i've already invited all the girls!!"


  1. Whatever happened to Allison? hmm, lav the pic!

  2. What a bunch of purds. The hat I am wearing is purd stuff. LMAO! Can you believe that this was 16 years ago? I LOVE THIS, please post more.

  3. sonya, allison married - moved to va - divorced - remarried - had a baby - still lives in virginia.

    amy, if its any consolation, that was my hat. but still. we are some PURD STUFF. :) will have to dig up some more. ..

  4. I will never know how your folks put up with our all-night laughter and my gosh how LOUD we all were up there together, making prank calls and playing music.... Nod, your day is coming with Chloe so do keep that in mind. Payback. Evan is mine already, believe me. LOL! Good thing she doesn't mind b/c I'm already imagining the fotogs in the old loft, the way we were and the way it shall be homecoming '08!!!!

  5. STEFFI! 1800TAMPAX. ROFL!!! How could I have forgotten that?!! Maybe we'll make the time for some more FAKE Glamour Shots. Anyone still have their leather bomber jacket? WHY did I get rid of mine? :(


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