here we blog again.

here i am again. i've lost count of how many blogs i've began over the course of the last decade. literally, i was blogging before it was the cultural phenom it is today. i was blogging before it was even referred to as such, when it was just random postings on a personal website, beginning around the time of my engagement in 1998. it was a way for me to intertwine my love of writing with informational content to keep friends and family updated on my life. it wasn't that i felt my life was so fabulous that i had to share, it was just that i enjoyed doing it. then, along came life, complete with marriage, a house in the burbs and two adorable little monkeys. my life sort of happened before i had even decided what i was going to do with it. and so here i am, a decade of intermittent blurbs about my life forever lost. every time i gave up on the whole concept, i'd just delete the website. or the blog. or the myspace page.

that said, i collapsed into bed a few nights ago with my newest issue of Good Housekeeping. yea, i know. i'll explain that later. anyway, i came across an article written by a middle class mommy who got to experience a shopping spree in new york for clothes that no one with the word "middle" in their socioeconomic status could rationally afford. as a person who, admittedly, has lived beyond their means all of her life, i loved the concept. i expected it to be a good article, but it was so much more. curiously, i googled this "average southern mommy" and found that she's an avid author and blogger. i had to let her know how she had inspired me and posted the following comment on her blog:

"Absolutely brilliant!! I was perusing the pages of my monthly GH when I came across your article (which, by the way, I only subscribe to as a futile attempt to subvert my obsession with celebrity gossip and other trashy reads). Admittedly, I am a former wannabe fashionista label hound. And by former, I'm referring to my former life. The one prior to my transformation into a thirtysomething, married mother of two toddlers living in the burbs of Alabama. Consequently, immediately, the concept of the article intrigued me, but before I turned the first page I was "on to" the fact that either this particular mom was no ordinary suburban mom OR the kind folks up at GH decided to bring a writer to cover the story and write for her. Of course, by the end of the article, I was convinced that you were the writer and I had to google to find out more and viola, here I am.

Long blogment short, your writing awakened something inside of me that has laid dormant for years too long and that is my love of writing and my longing to write. All those voices inside of my head that have, for years, convinced me that it's just too late, that I've waited too long, that I don't have the time... or the vocabulary... those voices were all silenced as I finished reading your brilliant piece!

So I will be eternally grateful for your inspiration and also, most likely, eternally jealous of your Louis Vuitton bag, too. :)

Your newest fan, Nadia"

so, that pretty much sums up my return to blogger. needless to say, the blogger in me has been reawakened and ready to begin. again. stay tuned. :)


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