bravery at its best...

our little trooper
parker is a brute force to be reckoned with. he is definitely 'all boy', running nonstop from the moment his feet hit his bedroom floor in the mornings, as he yells, "where's my chwoe?!" and then takes off as if he's already running behind in a game of hide and seek. he had a good tumble last friday morning, but nothing that seemed out of the ordinary at the time. and he hardly ever cries after a run in with the floor ... or anything else. but we knew something was wrong by friday afternoon when he was limping.

today, i am writing this from parker's room @ children's hospital. after a near week long series of futile x-rays, exams and bloodwork, his pediatrician sent us to an orthopaedic specialist who scheduled an MRI this morning. his little tumble last friday scuffed his knee pretty good, dislodging a piece of cartilage and tearing his ACL. so, he had to have surgery this afternoon.

i have never seen a toddler more patient and cooperative with a medical team than this child. admittedly, i am a biased observer, but i am also an astonished observer. the medical team has absolutely adored him and even the anaesthesiologist from the MRI came by to visit him twice. after surgery, two nurses rolled him into our new room and said, "this is the sweetest baby we've ever had. we don't get many of these." *sigh* i agree.

what a brave little trooper! :) all is well and parker will likely sleep until tomorrow...


  1. OMG! I know what it's like to be at Children's worried to death, we spent the entire night there on July 1st when they had to stitch Gage's finger back on! I feel for ya. I really hope he does well with not much pain. Parker is a very adorable little man! If you need anything let me know.


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