typically, any communication i write about any fast food restaurant is in the form of a strongly worded letter to management. that said, i have to take a break from the more serious and satirical subject matter to post some bloggerific mad props to the burger king down on the two-eight-o. seriously. these people have it going on. consistently. they have yet to fail me. i’m not a huge connoisseur of fast food as of late. it sort of contradicts my role as a weight watcher, but, i can tell you that this particular burger king has, without fail, never disappointed. i always get my three favorite items from the dollar menu: a whopper junior with everything, except mayo, a side salad and a small diet coke. (which, by the way, for you fellow weight watchers, is a total of 6.5 points [290 cal/12 g fat/2 g fiber/31 g carbs]. regardless of how many cars are in line, i have never had to wait an inane amount of time and they have never… hear me, never… gotten the order wrong. they are, undoubtedly, the antithesis of every other lunch hour drive through i’ve ever experienced. i finally had to say something today and as i was paying, i told the cashier how much i loved them. i mean that. i wholeheartedly heart them. i told her that whenever i’m out and have to get lunch in a hurry, it is the only place i am brave enough to drive through because i know they are not going to send me into a frenzied rage. long live the king!


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